Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corporation, Genworth Residential Mortgage Insurance Corporation of North Carolina, Genworth Financial Services, Inc. and other subsidiaries of Genworth Mortgage Holdings, LLC understand the importance of protecting the privacy of your borrowers. We recognize that your borrowers' nonpublic personal information belongs to you, and our goal is to treat this sensitive data carefully and in accordance with applicable law and this privacy policy.1 Generally, we rely upon the information you provide to us, and do not obtain personal information from other sources, except from a consumer reporting agency to supplement and confirm the information you have provided to us. The information we collect includes a broad array of consumer data that enables us to evaluate your customers' eligibility for a loan program or for mortgage insurance, including employment history, credit history, income, assets and liabilities, and similar financial information. Genworth will not share your borrowers' nonpublic personal information with affiliated companies or third parties, except as permitted by applicable federal and state privacy laws and regulations, and as further described and limited by this letter. Genworth will use and share such information only as needed to provide the services your company has requested, which may include loan underwriting, mortgage insurance underwriting and policy servicing, claims administration, and loss mitigation and recovery efforts. Genworth may disclose nonpublic personal information to approved vendors who help Genworth perform the functions described above. Genworth will require all third parties with whom it shares nonpublic personal information to maintain the confidentiality of such information and to use it only for the specific business purpose for which it was provided.

Periodically, aggregated borrower data, which is not personally identifiable, may be shared with third parties, including consultants, regulators, and industry trade groups for purposes of risk management, industry reporting, or other analytical purposes. Additionally, we will share your borrowers' personally identifiable data as required by applicable federal and state data reporting laws, such as the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, or as required to comply with regulatory inquiries or examinations.

Please note that upon written request, your borrowers have the right to obtain a copy of the personally identifiable information we maintain concerning them, and may request correction or deletion of any disputed information pursuant to a process described in the North Carolina Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Act. To promote heightened awareness of privacy issues, we train our employees on permissible use of your borrowers' personally identifiable information. Our employees understand the requirements of applicable privacy laws and this privacy policy. In order to protect the confidentiality of your borrowers' nonpublic personal information, we maintain procedures and technology designed to prevent unauthorized access to both electronic databases and paper files. These obtain access to databases, and limiting access to our premises to authorized personnel. We will give you prompt written notice as required by law if we become aware of any unauthorized access to your data. When disposing of paper files or other tangible storage media containing nonpublic personal information, such media will be shredded, mutilated, or otherwise rendered unreadable. You may obtain a copy of our written security procedure by contacting the Genworth ActionCenter® at 800 444.5664. You may also review this document via our website at

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy, but will provide at least 30 days' prior written notice of any material change.

Genworth Mortgage Holdings, LLC

By: Stephen D. Cooke
Title: Senior Vice President, General Counsel

1This Privacy Policy applies only to Genworth Mortgage's US-based operations.

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