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Enact professionals work one-on-one with borrowers and their servicers to help structure loan workout programs for borrowers who experience a financial hardship.
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Alignment with GSEs for COVID-19 Foreclosure Moratorium and Flex Modification Program
Read our Servicing Bulletin 2021-05 for full details.

Enact Announces Alignment with Recent GSE Servicing Announcements
Read our Servicing Bulletin 2021-04 for full details.

Updated MILAR and Payment Deferral Templates
Read our Servicing Bulletin 2021-03 for full details.

Alignment with GSEs for COVID-19 Moratorium, Forbearance and Payment Deferrals
Read our Servicing Bulletin 2021-02 for full GSE alignment details.

Alignment with GSEs for COVID-19 Moratorium, Forbearance and Payment Deferrals
Read our Servicing Bulletin 2021-01 for full GSE alignment details.

New Workout Reporting Templates
Read our Servicing Bulletin 2020-8 for new Workout Reporting Templates.

MILAR Coding Clarification
Read our Servicing Bulletin 2020-7 for clarity on when to use Payment Deferral, Forbearance, and Loan Modification codes.

Genworth Announces Payment Deferral Program Updates: Alignment to Disaster Payment Deferral Programs
Read our Servicing Bulletin 2020-6 for full details.

Additional Guidance for Loans in COVID-19 Payment Deferral & Forbearance Plans
Read our Servicing Bulletin 2020-5 for detailed guidance on our flexible policies for Forbearance and Payment Deferral Plans related to COVID-19:
  • Automatic workout delegation for GSE loans in Payment Deferral programs, including both standard programs and COVID-19 Payment Deferral program, as long as GSE guidelines are met.
  • NEW! For non-GSE Payment Deferral programs, automatic workout delegation if the loan complies with certain parameters.
  • Activation of MI coverage before first payment for loans in COVID-19 forbearances, as long as the forbearance plan meets our delegated forbearance guidelines.

Rescission Relief Information Related to COVID-19 Forbearances
We understand many of you have questions about insurance coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rest assured, loans in forbearance plans associated with COVID-19 may be eligible for rescission relief. For more information read Servicing Bulletin 2020-4.

Default Reporting of COVID-19 Related Hardships
Updates have been made to the Automated Delinquency Report (ADR) and the Mortgage Insurance Loan Activity Report (MILAR) for reporting loans where the borrower has experienced a hardship associated with COVID-19. New MILAR templates are available on our Publications page. Read Servicing Bulletin 2020-3 for full details. Watch our MILAR Reporting Tutorial.

GSE Servicing Updates: Reporting and Submission Requirements for Forbearance Plans and Payment Deferrals
Recently, the GSEs announced their position on Forbearance and Payment Deferral options for borrowers. Enact is aligning with the recent guidelines for servicing announced by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. For full details, read Bulletin 2020-2.

COVID-19. We are here for YOU.
As the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic progresses, we wanted to let you know that Enact is fully prepared and plans to provide uninterrupted service at the exceptional level that you have come to expect from Enact. For more information, please read full announcement.

Important Servicing Information on Potential Impacts of COVID-19
We remain committed to supporting our servicers and concerns about the potential COVID-19 related impact on borrowers and your business. For more information, please read Servicing Bulletin 2020-1.

Government Shutdown Credit Policy Update
We support the GSEs’ (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) announced temporary measures for impacted borrowers employed by the federal government or other individuals whose employment is directly impacted by the shutdown. We expect our customers to utilize available third-party tools, follow up appropriately on AUS “red flags” and apply thoughtful underwriting to files where closing (and MI activation) will occur before the typical verifications will be received. For more information please read Servicing Bulletin 2020-1.

Need to learn more about how to view and maintain MI Certificates? Check out our self-service tutorials. Click here to learn more.

Mortgage Insurance discussed in this website is underwritten by Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corporation or Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corporation of North Carolina.

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Need to learn more about how to view and maintain MI Certificates? Check out our self-service tutorials.
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